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Cannabidiol CBD Oil 5% 10ml - No UK Sales

Product Code: 10ml dropper 5% CBD
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CBD Oil containing 5% Cannabidiol

UK Veterinary medicine law prohibits the sale of CBD and hemp oil in the UK for animals.

We have engaged with the VMD  on why this is the case and the law does prevent us from selling or marketing CBD and Hemp Oil products, basically because they are being used as a medicine, they are not correcting a known deficiency state and that data on safety and efficacy has not been submitted to the UK authorities

UK Veterinary surgeons are allowed to prescribe un-licensed products under what is known as the "cascade", if they consider it prudent and if the correct procedure is followed.

Other EU member states have their own regulations on such non-licenced "care products". This is why the can be sold abroad, such as on this website. 

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