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iCOD teat dip generator

iCOD teat dip generator

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: iCOD
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Infection Control On Demand. Allows the automatic on farm blending of teat dip or spray. Results in massive savings over traditional products.

iCOD - Infection Control On Design.

Allows automatic on farm blending of teat dip or spray which can result in massive savings over traditional products.

The dosing equipment mixes a teat skin conditioner concentrate with chlorine dioxide and mains water and can produce pre and post dip or spray as well as clusterflush if required.

Several years of development have meant that chlorine dioxide can now be used in this way to be an extremely effective teat disinfectant. This combined with our teat skin conditioner containing four moisturisers/exfoliants as well as an indicator dye creates a top quality finished product at a greatly reduced price.

Depending on the set-up, the system can be used to generate teat dip which can be put straight into a dip cup, or generate a product to be sprayed on through either a manual or automatic sprayer.

If you are interested in the iCOD system, give us a call or send us an enquiry via the website and we would be happy to help with more information and prices.

Also, you can see us at the livestock event at the NEC on 6th and 7th July for the official product launch.

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