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Cosecure Boluses for Cattle

Cosecure Boluses for Cattle

Product Code: Cosecure Cattle

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Cosecure boluses for cattle, available in multiples of 20 boluses (10 cattle). Supply Copper, Cobalt, Selenium.

Cosecure boluses. 

Data - Cattle

A cylindrical blue glass continual release intraruminal device approximately 82mm x 24mm and weighing approximately 100g.

Each bolus contains the following active substances:
Copper:13.4g Cobalt: 0.5g Selenium, as sodium selenate 0.3g

Prevention and treatment of copper and selenium deficiencies and improvement of cobalt supply.
Dosage and administration
Ruminating cattle over two months of age and weighing over 100 kg body weight: 2 boluses
Administer orally using a balling-gun which delivers the bolus directly into the top of the gullet. Great care should be taken not to cause any injury by rough handling or by placing the gun too far inside the throat of the animal. Ensure that each animal has swallowed the boluses by holding the mouth closed and observing the animal for a short time. Gentle massage of the throat may facilitate swallowing of the boluses. To minimise the risk of regurgitation, avoid rough handling of animals.
Following administration the boluses lodge in the reticulum where they dissolve over a period of approximately 4.5 to 6 months. The breakdown products are copper, cobalt and selenium in ionic form. The boluses provide these elements at levels compatible with the animal?s daily requirements.
The boluses should normally be administered just before turnout, but can be given at any time, e.g. to dairy cows at drying off or at calving or 30 days post-calving or at artificial insemination.
Boluses are sensitive to sudden temperature changes such as may occur when very cold boluses are swallowed by an animal. It is important that the bolus is at room temperature (15 ? 20°C) prior to administration to prevent the development of fine cracks that may change the activity of the bolus.
Do not administer the recommended dosage to animals more frequently than once every 4.5 months to animals receiving concentrates or every 6 months to cattle at pasture.

Contra-indications, warnings etc
Protection of Operators:
To minimise the risk of contact allergy, wear gloves when handling this product

Protection of Consumers:
Withdrawal Period – Meat and offal: Zero days; Milk: Zero days

Protection of Livestock, Wildlife and Others:
Do not administer to non-ruminating calves or to animals weighing less than 100kg body weight.
Do not administer to sheep. Do not administer any aids to dissolution of the bolus
The product is not intended for treatment of acute clinical conditions such as nutritional muscular dystrophy. Prior to supplementation with any form of copper or selenium, it should be demonstrated that there is a need for extra trace elements to be given to the animals. Additional copper should not be administered orally or by injection, or selenium by injection, within 6 months after administration of the product to cattle at pasture or within 4.5 months in cattle where the diet is supplemented with concentrates unless subjected to a risk/benefit analysis performed by a responsible veterinarian.
No adverse effects have been observed in cattle administered three times the recommended dosage over a two-day period. Clinical signs of copper toxicity, which normally will only occur in cases of severe copper overdosage include jaundice, malaise, an acute drop in milk yield and, later, haemoglobinuria. Signs of selenium toxicity include CNS changes, muscle weakness, vomiting, anorexia, depression, incoordination and, later, respiratory problems. In these circumstances, intravenous administration of copper and/or selenium chelating agents such as ammonium tetrathiomolybdate or EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is recommended.

Protection of the Environment:
Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with national requirements.

Pharmaceutical Precautions
Store in a dry place. Do not freeze. Protect from frost.
Once the package has been opened, store unused boluses in the plastic tray in the original packaging in an airtight container.

Legal Category PML
Package quantity 20 boluses (10 doses)

Marketing authorisation number, Name and Address:
UK Vm 18584/4000;
Telsol Limited, 23/24 Colomendy Industrial Estate, Denbigh, Denbighshire, LL16 5TA

Revised May 2005

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