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Iron responsive anaemia in new-born calves

Published 24th March 2015 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Iron responsive anaemia in new-born calves

Based on research from the USA in Journal of Dairy Science and also from Iran & Germany, anaemia is not uncommon in new-born & young calves.

This anaemia was responsive to iron supplementation in the american study. Calves fed real milk or sucking their mother will not receive enough iron until they take hard feed in decent amounts several weeks later.

Anaemia is a low level of the oxygen carrying Haemoglobin in the blood. This obviously become very important if the calf develops pneumonia as it counpounds the effect of the lung damage.

A simple way to supplement iron to the new-born calf is to use an oral paste , such as Yolk-Ay Calf paste at birth and 12 days later, or at purchase and 12 days later.

On our farm we noticed pale membranes around the eyes, so each calf gets half a tube at birth and another half tube 12 days later. i think this gives them agood start and they are certainly lively and vigorous. Yolk-Ay calf pastes also contain specific egg-proteins and a probiotic bacterial culture.