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December Clearance Sale

Published 29th November 2016 | Article by Graham Shepherd

December Clearance Sale


We are having a pre-winter clear out and have a selection of products available on a first come first served basis.

All Items are plus V.A.T, require payment on order and do not include delivery (collection welcome).

For further information call Steve on 07432 016875 or email .

Easyfix Parlour Matting

1m by 1m interlocking

Can be laid blue or green

18 available

Sale £22.00 each RRP £30

Easyfix Double Foam Cubicle Mattress

1.8m x 1.12m x 60mm

2 layers of memory foam

Shop soiled

8 available

Sale £80 each RRP £120

Brisket Board

8ft lengths

Covers 2 cow spaces

25 available

Sale £15/length

RRP £28/length

GEA Cubicles

As in picture

3 available

Sale £30 each

RRP £38 each

IAE Lamb Creep Feeder

4ft Single sided

Ex Show standSale £195. RRP £250

Adult Head Yokes

3 Head places


210cm Total

Ex Show stand


Heifer Head Yokes

3 Head Places


180cm total

Ex show stand


Calf Head Yokes

3 Head Places

Adjustable size

180cm total width

Ex show stand


Basket Fans

Ideal for parlours and

other livestock buildings


1 X 36 inch

Sale £295 RRP £400

7 x 24 inch

Sale £185 RRP £300


Fosfor Bolus

Call David on 01772 690131 for more info

Fosfor bolus containing phosphorus to assist cows around calving.

Usage is 1 to 2 boluses per day on day of calving and the day after.

In boxes of 12 boluses.

Dated March 2017

Gun not included

Sale £30 per box of 12 Bolus

RRP £54