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John Carr is leaving to run his own farm

Published 23rd September 2016 | Article by Graham Shepherd

John Carr is leaving to run his own farm

Today is Johns last day. We wish him lots of luck with his new venture.

David Walmsley takes over on the phones and Margaret Noblet is looking after local sales and van deliveries.

Margaret has reared calves since she could first walk, and David is from a farm up Waddington way. Both are experienced in sales and providing a good service.

John has penned this letter:-

Dear All

Today is my last day. February 1st 2013 was my first day as the first employee of a fledgling company known as G Shepherd Animal Health. Since then I have been privileged to be a part of the rapid growth that has seen us transform into SHEPHERD AGRI trading as G Shepherd Animal Health, Shepherd Dairy Services and Shepherd Coatings.

Working for Graham and Chris has felt almost like a university degree at times! The knowledge, experience and confidence I have gained has been very valuable to my personal development. I will miss this company and its customers dearly. Thank you to all the lovely customers who I have built relationships with in that time, been an absolute pleasure doing business you this past three and half years.

As you could probably tell in our conversations, I really like talking about farming, especially dairy. The next chapter for me is to join your world and become a dairy farmer myself. I have dairy farming genetics on both sides of my family, if you cut me I bleed milk. My father (also named John) has given me the opportunity to enter into a contract farming agreement where I essentially rent the farm from him. In brief it’s a 160 acre farm, milking 150 Jersey/Friesian crossbreds that calve in a 10 week spring block, it is a true one man unit. I am very excited about this new challenge, some think I’m absolutely bonkers and I respect that. However I see opportunity in the dairy industry and I have set the long term goal of turning all our litres into a dairy product that I can market myself.

 I will continue to use SHEPHERD AGRI for all my animal health and dairy supplies as they are a company with their hearts in the right place, high quality products at competitive prices. The one thing I will always take advantage of is the knowledge and expertise from Dr Graham. I can’t express enough how valuable that is. If anyone is ever passing Forton Services on the M6 please give me a call, you are more than welcome to come visit the farm and our country store. I might even treat you to some lunch if you’re lucky.


John Carr


Cleveley House Farm

Millers Brow,