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NEW PRODUCT- Derma Health Powder- Dry NATURAL Footbath

Published 1st March 2017 | Article by Graham Shepherd

NEW PRODUCT- Derma Health Powder- Dry NATURAL Footbath

Derma Health Powder

Derma Health Powder is a mixture of natural minerals based on ash from lignite. It contains no lime and no antibiotics or any chemical additives whatsoever.

Derma Health Powder is used as powder foot bath to help management of  Mortellaro’s disease, which we in the UK know as “Digital Dermatitis”.

The disease “Digital Dermatitis” is not simply “skin + DD bug = disease”!

Other bacteria play a role, allowing the DD spiral bacteria access. It is a long term process. The actual DD bug is deep layers of the skin.

As far as known, powder baths for cows are an unknown process in the Dutch dairy industry. In the UK, people have used a mix of lime and Copper Sulphate in the past, but obviously there is still issues with copper pollution.

When using Derma Health Powder as a dry foot bath:-

  • Powdering the claws and foot occurs preferably higher than the fetlock joint
  • During the course of powdering, care must be taken that each leg is powdered well, so longer foot bath “boxes” are preferred.
  • The Derma Health Powder provides protection against the attachment of aggressive manure to the skin.
  • The pH value to skin & claw goes to a level where the bacteria that cause the disease dermatitis, cannot multiple
  • After 3 to 4 weeks of treatment the caked manure from the claws and near the claws is released.

·         A 2m footbath will hold about 100kg of powder. This is mucked-out after each pass, the resting is left in there until the next time. 

·         Derma Health Powder is available in 1 tonne tote bags

Cause of Mortellaro’s disease / Digital Dermatitis

Caked manure causes irritation to the skin. In addition, the caked manure is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes inflammation to the skin. The process of skin irritation caused by dried-on manure needs to be broken through, so that Mortellaro’s disease may not develop.

If the skin is powdered, there will be a thin layer of powder on the skin, thereby preventing that manure comes into direct contact with the skin. In practice we see that the caked manure is released off the foot.

The use of Derma Health Powder provides the skin around the claws protection against manure. In the shed, it cannot be prevented that a cow treads in manure, while a cow in the pasture will not tread in it.

Using the Derma Health Powder Dry Foot bath.

Derma Health Powder is not a cure nor a treatment.  Firstly, in an outbreak situation, we would recommend Veterinary treatment, or using our “TK Double D” liquid footbath for 2 x 5 day periods. Then follow on with regime below.

However, if you want to avoid antibiotics and chemicals totally, you could proceed with-

  • Have a foot bath “box” which is as long as possible with good access for filling and dung removal. Dung needs removing as necessary and definitely between milkings.
  • first week- 4 days, so 8 passages
  • second week- 3 days, so 6 passages- you can stay at this level for a few weeks until you are happy.
  • third week- 2 days, so 4 passages
  • fourth week- 1 day, so 2 passes- This is the maintenance level.


Derma health Powder can also be used on the cubicle beds neat or mixed 50:50 with sawdust. Apply at about 5mm thick. Derma Health Powder is quite a good absorber of moisture.

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