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Special Offer on LIFE-GUARD Calf Electrolyte

Published 7th December 2016 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Special Offer on LIFE-GUARD Calf Electrolyte

“Life-Guard” Electrolyte for Calves. - basically a very good formula calf electrolyte. No money spent on marketing and minimal fancy packaging. The price is right and the results are good.

Everyone who tries it, buys it!

In boxes of 20 (SPECIAL OFFER £5 off + £20) or 100 sachets (SPECIAL OFFER + FREE CALF COAT)

A high specification electrolyte powder for mixing with water. The resulting dietetic feed is to be used for stabilisation of water, acid-base and electrolyte balances in scouring calves.


Mix 1 sachet thoroughly with 2 L warm water. Do not feed mixed with milk.

Day 1– No milk. 2L electrolyte solution twice or three times daily depending on calf size and degree of dehydration and depression. The calf may be fed using a feeding tube by a trained person if it does not drink, but has a suck reflex. If a calf does not have a suck reflex, then Veterinary attention is vital, as the calf may require intravenous fluids and other treatment.

Day 2–            a.m.    2L electrolyte,

                        Noon– 1 L of milk, not within 4 hours of an electrolyte feed.

                        p.m.  - 2 L electrolyte.

 Also allow access to clean drinking water.

It is recommended that veterinarians opinion is sought before use.

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