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New Triple Wammy of Fly sprays

Published 23rd September 2015 | Article by Megan Thomas
Product News

New Triple Wammy of Fly sprays

Vulcan P RFU Fly Spray is a odourless, ready-for-use fly spray. Suitable for the control of insects & can be used around the farm.

This product is designed for application through a simple atomiser for the control of flies and other flying insects in a wide range of situations including farm buildings. It is also extremely effective as a ready for use surface spray for the control of resting or crawling insects.

We have chosen Vulcan P RFU as our fly spray because, not only does it contain the residual insecticide, permethrin, it also contains a rapid killer (tetermethrin) and a potentiating synergist known as piperonyl butoxide. Basically, this is a very effective product.

"Triple wammy" of fly sprays has 3 components 
1- Fast acting fly killer
2- Residual fly killer
3- A Chemical that improves the killing action of the insecticide 

Available in 5L

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