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Kryptic Pro - Better Health for calves on milk

Kryptic Pro - Better Health for calves on milk

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: 3 kg tub

(Tax Exempt) £94.50

Add to calf milk to improve digestion and reduce calf scour.

Kryptic Pro is a specifically designed feed supplement for calves on milk or milk replacer, which is added to the milk  for a fortnight, from day 3 to day 17 of life.

Kryptic Pro reduces the need for antibiotics.

 It has a broad spectrum approach:

  • acidifying the stomach, so killing more bugs
  • clotting the milk in the stomach for a slower digestion and slower exit from the stomach, so the small intestine is not overloaded
  • provides Vitamin C which can be deficient in calves and is proven to reduce diarrhoea
  • the plant extract from Macleaya cordata has been shown to inactivate certain bugs
  • Charcoal, clay and yeast cell wall bind bugs and toxins, so they do not affect the calf. The pre-biotics encourage growth of good bacteria, 

The effect is to-

  • improve digestion of milk
  • reduce the challenge to the the calf from contagious bugs that are the causes of calf scour e.g. bacteria & viruses e.g. salmonella, e.coli, coronavirus, rotavirus & cryptosporidium 
  • improve the calfs defence barrier and activates defence cells
  • reduce diarrhoea, 
  • reduce the need for antibiotic treatment because feeding Kryptic Pro is one part of prevention of calf scour or calf diarrhoea
  • maintains health & performance over this high risk period 

Feeding rate: 10g to be given twice a day from day 3 to day 17 of life. One bucket does over 10 calves. Costing £8.82 per calf.

Please note that some of the charcoal can sediment, which then is licked up by the calf from the bottom of the bucket. However, if it is teated buckets you use, we have a slightly different formula, because obviously the calves cannot lick the bucket!

Evidence- the components are proven to

  • Maintain performance & health even when challenged with common causes of calf scour
  • Reduce calf diarrhoea. Ingredients prevent calf scour or diarrhoea, but good colostrum management and disinfection are very important.
  • Help maintain feed intake during periods of changing management

Calf Scour or calf diarrhoea is loose dung that has nutritional or infectious causes. It can be mild or severe and can even cause death due to dehydration and acidosis. The diarrhoea is usually yellow, watery and may have blood in it

Calf Scours can be contagious to other animals and humans, so alway use good hygiene. Wash hands, dont eat or drink in the calf house, use disinfectant footbaths etc.

Calves should not be given antibiotic treatment like antibiotic calf bolus, unless prescribed by your veterinary surgeon. By only using antibiotics or antimicrobibials when needed, we can prevent the problem of AMR, or antimicrobial resistance.

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