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Cattle Breeding & Fertility Products


G Shepherd Animal Health specialise in a comprehensive range of breeding and fertility products for cattle.

Maintaining a 12 month calving interval depends on good heat detection and service at the correct time with healthy semen in the correct place or a fertile virile bull.

Fertility and a good calving index or short calving period in seasonal calving herds is the result of getting the cows cycling, detecting oestrus and then having a good conception rate. 

So it’s all about sufficient energy, without compromising rumen function and correct mineralisation.

Developing an effective breeding plan for your livestock is imperative to enhance the efficiency of production and the quality of the product for the end-consumer. 

We have everything you need to breed beef cattle effectively from heat detection aids to Bray Breeding calendars and much more.

For all the essentials of cow management, browse below and for more tips on the art of breeding cattle, please visit our Health Info Centre.

Struggling with Cow Infertility? Click here to see our range of Mineral, Trace Element and Vitamin products or simply call the team on +44(0) 12772 690131.