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Cow Ruminal Magnet

Cow Ruminal Magnet

Product Code: Bovimax Magnets

£2.12 inc VAT £1.77 ex VAT

Cow Rumen Magnet to reduce cases of "Wire" or "Hardware Disease" or "Traumatic Pericarditis".

This product has a minimum quantity of 100

Bovimax  ruminal magnets for cows at risk of "Wire" or "hardware disease".

As you know, metal objects (such as tyre wire) can get in the cows feed, get swallowed and then penetrate the stomach wall. The wire can then introduce infection to the abdomen, liver, and pericardial sack around the heart.

The magnets attract the ferrous metal in the reticulum & rumen and hold it in a sturdy plastic cage. The best magnet available for cattle 350kg and over.

Uniquely we also supply a sturdy stainless steel gun for introducing the magnet bolus.

Here are pictures of these magnets removed from cows stomachs;

Also available are application guns. Minimum order for free UK delivery is 100 magnets.

Call us for less than 100 magnets, due to their heavy weight for their value.

As with inserting any "bolus" type device into cattle, use the appropriate applicator , seek training if you are inexperienced or unsure, be quiet and gentle.

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