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Calf Diarrhoea Information, Advice and Treatment


Diarrhoea is an issue which can cause serious problems for calves if it isn’t treated and the effects of an outbreak of diarrhoea in a batch of calves can be very serious.

When looking at treating and preventing outbreaks of diarrhoea it is important to identify the main cause or causes - Is it nutritional, infectious or to do with management?

Nutritional causes include varying quality of raw milk, poor quality raw milk, and poor quality milk powder.

Management causes include not enough or weak colostrum, lack of disinfection and adding young calves to groups of older calves.

Infectious causes include Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella, Coccidiosis, E. coli etc. use your vet to get at least 5 fresh, untreated cases tested via a proper lab. Remember, you can still find bugs even when the root cause may be nutrition or management.

The cornerstone of treatment is rehydration and replacing the lost salts. Life Guard is a very effective electrolyte supplement for calves with or recovering from diarrhoea.

RECENT SCOUR SURVEY RESULTS: Cryptosporidium parvum
and rotavirus are the most dominant calf scour-causing organisms on UK cattle units, 
according to the latest published data from the MSD Animal Health ScourCheck scheme.
The recent diagnostic data from calf faecal samples show over 32 per cent testing positive for 
cryptosporidia with more than 29 per cent positive for rotavirus.

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