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Advice, Information and Treatment for Ill Thrift in Calves

Ill Thrift

Ill thrift in calves is a symptom that can be caused by a large number of problems. It can be caused by anything from genetics, management issues, poor quality colostrum, housing, less than adequate nutrition, trace element/vitamin deficiencies or infection.

Identifying the cause of ill thrift is important to overcoming the problem and there are a range of products which can help to overcome any individual problems. These include;

·         Bovi-Power Drench

·        First Thirst Colostrum Supplements

·         Colostrum/ milk pasteurisers

and as with all infectious diseases, disinfectants work by lowering the exposure to the bugs.

Research shows first-lactation benefit to feeding whole milk to calves

Jun 10, 2010

Calves fed whole milk maintained their 6 to 7% body weight advantage from weaning through 600 days of age and tended to be heavier at calving than those fed milk replacer. Supplemental protein did not affect heifer growth through 600 days of age. Thirty-six heifers completed their first lactation, and those fed whole milk as calves produced 5.3 lbs/d more milk than their counterparts fed milk replacer (71.2 versus 65.9 lbs/d).

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