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Pasteuriser Size Guide

Pasteuriser Size Guide

To determine what size of pasteuriser to buy for your operation, simply make an estimate of the number of calves to be fed and what volume of milk you would provide at each feeding.

For instance: If you have a 250 cow dairy calving all year round, 365 day calving interval and zero losses! and feed all of your heifer calves 2.5 litres, twice daily for 7 weeks, then you would need a system for 42 L processed twice a day. However, calvings and sex ratio are never regular , plus the need to also pasteurise some Perfect Udder bags of colostrum andalso to future-proof, the  DT30G would be a good choice

If this same dairy only fed its heifers, then the DT30 Platinum would be the correct choice.

Below is a chart to help you find the right size DT series pasteuriser for your specific needs.

Model Volume (Litres) Coverage (Calves) Price
DT30G 1-114 4-55 £
DT10G 1-38 1-19 £
Matilda  2 bags £
DueCi from 75L POA
to 500L POA
Made to order POA

Prices include 12 months manufacturers parts only warranty

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

'PP' indicates a polypropelene tank.

'SS' indicates a stainless steel tank.

All tanks are double skinned with an insulation layer in between

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