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Maedi Visna (MV)

Maedi Visna (MV)

Here are all the facts you need to know about Maedi Visna (MV)

  • Viral disease
  • Introduced to the UK through imported sheep
  • Spreads rapidly through flocks especially in commercial flocks
  • Caused by Retrovirus
  • Names comes from two Icelandic words which describes the signs of MV – Pneumonia & Wasting
  • Highly contagious
  • Difficult to diagnose
  • Is very fatal
  • Sheep have no immunity to MV
  • No treatment against MV


  • Increased culling rate
  • Reduced growth weight in ewes and lambs
  • Higher lamb mortality
  • Increase in premature birth, arthritis, mastitis/tough udders
  • Poor reproduction

If you see ewes losing condition after tuping time it could be a sign of MV. It is definitely worth consulting your vet and testing for MV.

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