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Action Johnes Initiative

Published 28th April 2015 | Article by Megan Thomas

Action Johnes Initiative

Action Johnes Initiative

The “Action Johnes Initiative” will help to manage & reduce the incidences of Johnes disease in dairy cattle.

Lyndon Edwards, Chairman of the Action Johnes Group states that international experience and his own farm experience shows that a rigorous control program can bring Johnes Disease under Control. (Mr Edward’s program includes the use of one of the Dairytech Inc. pasteurisers that we supply.)

Pasteurisation of colostrum or calf milk using a Dairytech or Duecinox pasteuriser can be part of a Johnes control program to reduce the exposer of calves to the bacteria. Also using our colostrum products which are all Johnes free to help reduce the spread of the bacteria.

The Action Johnes delivery team is a consortium of SAC Consultants & RAFT Solutions. Funding is from DairyCo (from dairy farmers levy money) & milk processors.

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