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Bovine Pelvis Measurement to improve calving ease

Published 13th August 2020 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Bovine Pelvis Measurement to improve calving ease

Bovine Pelvis Measurement is becoming more common in the UK to help make progress in cattle breeding.

The information gathered from maiden heifers, being used to cull out relatively small pelvic area heifers from the herd.


The genetic studies show that pelvic size is highly transmitted and selection can result in meaningful improvment.

It is a way of improving the female line, rather than just breeding for smaller calves. Best improvement in calving ease is obviously smaller calves through a larger pelvis (think about English Longhorn!)

The good level of variation and high heritability of both these traits make for faster progress in improving calving ease.

The Pelvi-Measure is available at £140 plus VAT for one.

There are five documents of background information on the webpage Documentation tab, and you can buy on the website, by clicking here . There is information on how to correct your mesurements for age variation in a batch.

All the information is from North America and has different weight ranges for bulling weights and calf birthweights, but the principles are the same.

I think a sensible approach is to measure a group of similar aged heifers at 12 to 15 months of age, correct the pelvic areas for age, then cull a proportion for small or miss-shaped pelvises.

Vets are providing the service and also training to farmers wishing to do their own. I would recommend getting guidance and training first.

You can call Carol or myself for more information and orders on 01772 690131

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