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DIARID Calf Bolus for Digestive Disturbance

Published 14th February 2017 | Article by Graham Shepherd

DIARID Calf Bolus for Digestive Disturbance

G Shepherd Animal Health release a new bolus for calves with digestive disturbances. It is a non-drug antimicrobial coupled with a natural carbon+kaolin material that binds toxins, infective particles and excess water.

As pressure mounts to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture, we have developed this new product. It is selling well with good results.

The convenient bolus is given three times a day, using the bolus applicator provided.

Obviously, if diarrhoea is significant, oral rehydration therapy is needed, such as Life-Guard sachets or Rehydion Gel. 

Also, Veterinary attention may be required if the calf does not improve or a serious infection or outbreak of disease occurs.

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