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Feed Passage Coatings do increase cow dry matter intake

Published 24th May 2017 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Feed Passage Coatings do increase cow dry matter intake

GSAH Feed Passage Coating is an epoxy resin-based mix, which is applied over concrete and provides a smooth surface for the feeding area.

Cows prefer to eat off a smooth surface. Feed stays fresher because there is not a layer of rotting material in the rough concrete.

Farmers report that cows do eat more there is less time spent clearing away uneaten food.

Dry Matter Intake is the "Holy Grail" of dairy farming. high yielding cows are using as much energy as a Tour de France cyclist (4 x maintenance). Extra energy eaten helps keep the cow happy, fertile and good on its feet.

A Cheshire dairy farmer recently told Graham that the section he has done is used by the new-calved cows, who are now eating as much as the high yielding group.

Everyone who has had some done wants more done.  Warm weather is needed for the chemicals to react, so don't leave it until later, now is the time! 

It is more hygienic than concrete, improves intakes and helps to reduce wastage.

The ingredients in the coating were originally developed for use in the civil engineering industry, which required a hard-wearing floor surface which was resistant to chemical damage.

The coating is not affected by harsh chemicals and therefore it does not corrode like concrete, as well as being up to four times stronger, says the manufacturer. The mix can also be used to line troughs, can be power-washed and comes in a range of colours.

Application rates vary, depending on the condition of the underlying concrete.

Steve Dunn runs Shepherd Coatings Limited and we apply the coating or instruct you on putting it down yourself.