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Ketosis Management

Published 23rd August 2017 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Ketosis Management

Recently SHEPHERD AGRI have installed AfiMilks "AfiLab" system and Myerscough Colleges dairy farm near Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Youtube Video , Factsheet Link

One of the advantages is early Ketosis detection, so cows can be treated and extra energy sources given.

Hanskamp out of parlour feeders have also been installed to give extra small meals between milking. These feeders can also dose liquid energy supplements , e.g. GSAH Glycol Energy to the following cows:-

  • those detected by AfiLab
  • cows dried off too fat
  • cows dry longer than 70 days
  • cows loosing excess condition when dry
  • those cows having twins
  • those cows having a difficult calving

There is an open afternoon on 7th. September  2017 at Lodge Farm

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