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New Bio-degradable packaging for First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK

Published 2nd November 2021 | Article by Graham Shepherd

New Bio-degradable packaging for First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK

New ECO-Packaging for Fresh Cow Drink.

“First Thirst – Fresh Cow Drink” is now also available in a Wood Fibre drum with a compostable liner, from G Shepherd Animal Health. The useful plastic drum option is still available.

Dr Graham Shepherd states “We think it is important to make this option available as a way of reducing plastics in farming. Our plastic drum is still available as it is a good bucket for re-use on the farm.”

“So, it is now possible to have our great Calcium, Energy & Electrolyte Drink, in biodegradable packaging.”

“In addition to the obvious need to reduce plastic use, more new “eco-options” will become available throughout our range because it is a responsible thing to do and also to head off the new tax on plastic packaging due in sixth months time.”

ALSO, our Life-Guard Calf Electrolyte Sachets are available in a Cardboard outer box,  and the smaller 20 & 50 sizes still available in the handy, re-usable plastic tub.

G Shepherd Animal Health can be contacted on 01772 690131 and

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