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Pneumonia in cattle

Published 28th April 2015 | Article by Megan Thomas

Pneumonia in cattle

Based on information from – Vet Record (2015) 176, p434

A study of reports of apparent failure of vaccine efficacy showed:-

  • Reports were uncommon, affecting 1.6% of vaccinated cattle
  • 47% of outbreaks were either before the vaccine had time to take effect or had not being used as per the directions
  • The disease breakdowns were usually due to a pathogen NOT in the vaccine
  • Pasteurella multocida was a common case of disease breakdowns in correctly vaccinated cattle


Graham vaccinated his suckled calves prior to autumn housing and this has prevented the severe disease seen previously.

Remember that stocking density, stress, ventilation, nutrition & source of cattle also greatly affect the likelihood of pneumonia out breaks.