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Reducing Antibiotic Use in Cattle & Sheep

Published 2nd September 2016 | Article by Graham Shepherd

I do not personally think antibiotic use in ruminants (Dairy, Beef & Sheep) is out of control, but there are other methods of promoting health that could be made use of to reduce drug use further .

Although it is a fair bit of media hype, there will be greater pressure on both the medical and veterinary professions to reduce the use of antibiotics.
Despite what you may be force-fed by the farmer bashing propaganda-peddlers, there is no blanket use of antibiotics in cattle & sheep. Drug us is targetted to where it is needed to treat and improve welfare.
Common practices that reduce the use of antimicrobials on farms:- a) Using a good barrier dip reduces mastitis and so reduces treatments, I suggest Gladiator.
b) For a non-antibiotic footbath, look no further than TK DoubleD and TK Everyday
c) Reduce treatments for calf scour by disinfection with an appropriate disinfectant.
I am probably the only Vet that does not sell antibiotics. It is not a crusade, it is just I look for other management ways to reduce their use.

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