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Simplifying Calf Scours- RehydroGEL Liquid Electrolyte

Published 11th June 2021 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Simplifying Calf Scours-  RehydroGEL Liquid Electrolyte

"RehydroGEL" is our new liquid calf electrolyte that joins our popular sachet product "Life Guard".

Its unique formulation means that it can be fed diluted in milk or milk replacer.

It combats dehydration and acidosis that are associated with gut disturbances (scours) in calves.

It is easy to use, effective and great value, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Pack size is a 1 litre bottle, giving 20 feeds, this cuts down on costs of manufacture and delivery.

It has several advantages over similar products-

  • Better value- £1.25 per feed and thats with Free Mainland Delivery
  • UK manufacture
  • More accurate measuring
  • Can be mixed with milk replacer as well as whole milk

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