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Rumen Magnets- latest test results

Published 21st August 2015 | Article by Graham Shepherd
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Rumen Magnets- latest test results

Test results are in comparing various rumen magnets used in cattle for preventing "wire" or hardware disease.

Strength tests have shown the magnetic power of our "MegaMagnet" rumen magnets to be superior to the others tested.

A second "Ring-type" magnet was inferior to MegaMagnet but better than 3 basket types.

The 3 "basket" type magnets all tested as "very similar" in magnetic power, but less that the MegaMagnet and the second "Ring-type" magnet.

In summary, we recommend the MegaMagnet for adult cows and ruminating youngstock over 150kg. liveweight. Reasons being its power and its ease of application.

The basket type is suitable for cows, it is a little cheaper, but weaker and wider. The basket design is also familiar to present users.

As with inserting any "bolus" type device into cattle, use the appropriate applicator , seek training if you are inexperienced or unsure, be quiet and gentle.

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