Udda-WOOL for teat wiping

Udda-WOOL for teat wiping

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We have trialled and selected  a type of British Wool to be used as an effective and sustainable teat wipe.

UK wool can be a sustainable, value for money & effective teat wipe.

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Pre-milking teat cleaning usually requires a liquid and a wipe to clean the teats

The issues are-

  • Pure paper roll can get soggy when wiping off pre-milking foams.
  • Paper+Viscose  rolls and “wet wipes” are more robust, but are not biodegradable
  • Washable cloths are man made, non biodegradable & need a high temperature wash

Udda-WOOL is UK wool that has been cleaned and dried to a high temperature. Its features are-

  • Economical in use – 1/2 to 1 pence per cow per milking, depending on usage rate.
  • Effective at removing cleaner, previous milkings dip and debris from the teat
  • Biodegradable (6 months in soil) and a supply of Sulphur (3.5%)

Udda-WOOL is available in 100kg bales

What is the cost comparison of Udda-WOOL compared with Paper Roll?

If blue/green paper roll costs £7 per roll, and has 200 cows worth of paper, that is 7p per cow per day!

Udda-WOOL costs approximately 1 p per cow per day, a big saving of approx £18 per lactation!

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