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RapiSILE Silage Inoculant

RapiSILE Silage Inoculant

Product Code: Rapisile

Rapisile is an ideal silage inoculant for typical grass silage


is an inoculant containing lactic acid producing bacteria to ensure quick fermentation with minimal losses.

For fast fermentation and maximum energy retention in well chopped grass that will be well consolidated.

It is ideal for silages up to a dry matter content of around 30% - any higher than this and we would recommend FlexiSILE Grass. If you have problems with heating after the clamp is opened, then FlexiSILE or CombiSile will do a better job.

We offer our customers free analysis and also advice on how to make the best quality silage from their crops in order to keep the amount of bought in feed as low as possible. 

Available in standard and ultra low volume liquid applications as well as granular.

Supplied in 100 tonne multiples.

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