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First Thirst TWIN ENERGY - High Energy Twin Lamb Drench

First Thirst TWIN ENERGY - High Energy Twin Lamb Drench

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: Twin Energy

(Tax Exempt) £37.80

A High Energy liquid to boost energy in ewes pregnant with twin or more lambs.
For individual feeding or can be put in TMR

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Ewes carrying twin lambs or more are prone to energy deficiency. This can result in an illness known as Pregnancy Toxaemia.


To provide extra energy, "First Thirst TWIN ENERGY" is given to the ewe at the rate of 50ml per day. Suitable drench gus are shown below.

Prices INCLUDE DELIVERY to most of mainland GB

The TWIN sources of energy are not only strong energy sources, but the propionate energy bypasses digestion and directly feeds into the enrgy cycle of the cell. This "Krebs Cycle" can be malfunctioning and the propionate helps correct this as a source of concentrated nutritional energy.

The 2.5  litre size will fit a drench gun for individual feeding. Contains 50 individual feeds for £37.80

5 litre and 24 kg sizes are for larger flocks.

200l and 1000L IBCs are avaialble fro use in TMR feeding systems.

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