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VIROXIDE SUPER Defra Approved Disinfectant

VIROXIDE SUPER Defra Approved Disinfectant

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: 5kg tub

£60.00 inc VAT £50.00 ex VAT

Disinfectant and detergent powder, great for cleaning calf feeder machines and calf feeding equipment & pens. Please see the review.

VIROXIDE SUPER Defra Approved Disinfectant.

  • Dry powder disinfectant and detergent for dilution in water prior to use
  • Rapid elimination of infectious agents, 
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and spores
  • Contains a powerful detergent, for one-step cleaning and disinfection
  • Unique colour indicator, to confirm that the disinfectant has been activated
  • Active even in hard water conditions
  • Helps to remove biomatter and calcium deposits
  • great for foot/boot dips
  • great for calf feeder machines , calf kit- see review

How to use - 1:200 dilution commonly;

DEFRA Approved Dilution Rates

Foot and Mouth disease Orders 1:1300
Swine Vesicular disease Orders 1:100
Poultry Orders 1:200
Tuberculosis Not Approved
General Orders 1:100

One 5kg tub makes up 1000 Litres of disinfectant.

Top Tip - Ensure that the surfaces are as clean as possible BEFORE applying disinfectant. However it's own detergent helps with final cleaning and even more bugs go down the drain.

FEEDBACK from Lindsay Hodgson from York:-

"Hi Graham, yes we use the TK for cleaning all the calf feeding stations twice a day plus cleaning the calf feeding machine. It is also used for washing all the buckets and teats and anything else that needs soaking or sanitising.

We also use it for washing down the individual pens which the calves are in for 5 days before they go on collars.

I think it's great stuff because it shifts muck and I don't have to rinse the stations afterwards so hoping its sanitising feeding stations for a bit longer. I use it with almost boiling hot water and it's pretty invincible!

We are getting busier as the herd numbers expand so I'll be needing to increase the amount I use. Don't stop making it without telling me!

Regards Lindsey"

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