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Shepherd Coatings Ltd Epoxy Resin Feed Passage Coating 

'It’s like giving your dairy cows a plate to eat from!'

What is is? 

SC FEED PASSAGE COATING is an epoxy-resin, applied  
over concrete in the feed passage or trough

The epoxy resin ingredient combination of SC Feed Passage
Coating has been around since the mid-1990s. It was
originally developed for the civil engineering industry, where
a tough surface was needed, to cope with harsh chemicals.
More    recently,    it    has    been    applied    to    garage    floors    used    
by    motor    sport    enthusiasts,    where    a    level    floor    resistant    to    
corrosive materials is required. Also used in hospitals, to
improve hygiene.

What are The benefits 

• Improves intakes

Makes it more comfortable for the cows to eat

• Does not harbour bacteria

• Feed areas stay cleaner, as cows are happy to lick food

residues from the floor

• Cleaner feed = less wastage

• A clean eating surface is less likely to contain debris, like

rough concrete

• Resistant to harsh chemicals

• Does not corrode like concrete and is up to four times


• Extremely hard-wearing and can withstand heavy traffic

• Can also be used to line troughs

• Very easy to clean. The surface can be power washed as often as you like. But in practice, there’s little requirement for washing, as the cows will do it for you! (see our farmer


• Especially useful where feed passage concrete is worn and


• Smooth surface makes it easier to push feed up to the

barrier, if necessary

• Fast-drying – machinery can run over the surface within 24

hours of application (times may vary, depending on ambient


• Only one coat required – suitable for zero grazing units

• Recognised by industrial engineering and manufacturing

industries for its high quality

• Very smart in appearance and comes in a range of colours

(colour runs through coating, so effect will not wear off)

Nutritionist Viewpoint - Paul Findley

Encouraging DMIs and keeping feeding areas clean are two important factors, when it comes to maximising cow performance, according to national cattle nutrition expert, Paul Findley of Best Fed Nutrition. He believes that GSAH Feed Passage Flooring is a significant development in dairy cow management, because it is more hygienic than concrete and keeps the feeding area free of greasy food residues.

“It’s difficult to put a figure on increased DMIs, but cows will eat up better on a clean, smooth surface, compared with  concrete flooring,” says Paul. “Any measure which can help to encourage them to eat is bound to enhance milk yields and I will be advising my clients to consider having it installed.”