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First Thirst Calf Colostrum Powder Supplement

First Thirst Calf Colostrum Powder Supplement

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: 10 feeds or 44 feeds

(Tax Exempt) £12.50

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“First Thirst” Calf Colostrum Supplement 2.25kg = 10 calf feeds as a supplement. 10kg bucket = 44 feeds.

ALSO AVAILABLE AS 450gram in PERFECT UDDER BAGS, so you just add water, shake and feed , plus it's a double feed, so it provides approximately half of what a calf needs. for £29 each. Packed in five x 450g bags.

Price £125 delivered. = £12.50 a feed, which is excellent value for a high quality product. 10kg bucket (44 and a bit feeds!) = £11.36 per feed.

Easy Mixing Powder for Newborn Calves:

·         Contain top quality EU dried colostrum, sterilised by radiation, not heat

·         Guaranteed free of IBR virus , EBL virus, EBL antibody & Johnes Disease 

·         Just add warm water

·         Always feed as much colostrum from the calf’s own mother as possible if disease precautions allow.

·         Use as a supplement to maternal colostrum in cases of poor quality or quantity. 


Mix 225g of “First Thirst” up-to a total volume of 1 litre with warm water.

As it is FULL FAT for energy it may take a little more mixing than typical skimmed products. 

OR add to colostrum to fortify it.                                      

Feed in amounts to compensate for low quality or volume of mothers colostrum.    225g approximates to 1L or a quarter of a calf's requirement in the first day of life. So, in cases of no real colostrum, use 4 feeds made upto 4 litres with water as a replacer. As your farms bugs may be different to the donor farms, a totally disinfected environment and utensils are recommended!                    

Maternal colostrum quality can be assessed with a “colostrometer”.                                                     

The first feed of 3 litres of good quality colostrum should be given within the first 3 hours of life.


For oral use in calves only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed recommended amounts. Always take care not to cause inhalation of the mixed product by the calf. Always use a proprietary teated bottle or tube feeder designed for calves and adhere to the manufacturers instructions. Do not use water over 45 – 50 Celcius. Store mixed product in a clean container under refridgeration for upto 24 hours. Obviously this product contains antibodies that are absorbed by the calf, and so this will result in the calves haveing antibodies present in blood tests for varying lengths of time, which may interfere with entry to AI studs, export or disease surveillance. This is not a veterinary medicinal product.

G Shepherd Animal Health Ltd. Wrainhow Business Centre, Lewth Lane, Woodplumpton, Preston, PR4 0TD                                              01772 690131 - 07778191964                                           

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