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First Thirst IBR elite

First Thirst IBR elite

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: Colostrum Powder

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First Thirst IBR elite Colostrum Powder. 

Packed in:

  • (box's of four sachets), or
  • sealed in a "Perfect Udder" bag, ready to mix in the bag and feed from the bag by the screw on teat or feeding tube. Two teats and two tubes included with each 4 x Perfect Udder pack.

Purely 250g of pure dried colostrum, but WITHOUT IBR antibodies, important for calves in cattle health schemes, or that may require a negative blood sample for AI studs or international trade.

However, calves may acquire IBR antibodies from dams colostrum or natural infection.

Each First Thirst IBR elite batch is tested by an independant laboratory for IBR antibody negativity & high Immunoglobulin quality.

To be given to the beef or dairy calf as soon as possible after being born - as soon as the calf is seen!

Use one sachet as a supplement to dams colostrum, or 2 sachets as a replacement. However, the diseases on your farm may not be covered by the particular antibodies in our product if no dams colostrum is available or given. Therefore if the calf is destined for the AI industry or for export then isolation and high bio security is of the upmost importance.

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