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Calf Coats / Calf Blankets Deluxe - Small

Calf Coats / Calf Blankets Deluxe - Small

Brand: Dairytech Inc.
Product Code: Calf Jacket Orange

£36.00 inc VAT £30.00 ex VAT

10 or more £28.00 (ex VAT) £33.60 (inc VAT)

These new calf jackets are mainly used for premature calves or calves reared outside

These new calf jackets are mainly used for premature calves or calves reared outside. These are 200gms heavier than the others we stock

SMALL size (small Holstein or Jersey) 

Dairy bred calves are often lean with thin skin, and the amount fed often does not exceed maintenance by much!

The Liverpool University Dairy Farm have found our calf coats to be very useful in bucket fed calves in winter, for the first  3 weeks of life in housed calves. Using calf coats reduces heat loss and maintenance requirements for energy. 

A  young calf's thermoneutral zone (it doesn't need to spend extra energy on heating or cooling) is approx 10C - 25C. Calves over a month, its 0C -23C.

Every 1 degree C below the thermo neutral zone requires 2% more energy, so a young calf at freezing requires 20% more energy = 20% more milk/milk solids.

But don't vary feeding wildly, do it gradually.

Also, ensure the feeding is promoting the rumen development, so the rumen provides its heat- so starchy pellet, straw, water.

Shelter & Clean DRY, plentiful bedding is vital.

OUR CALF COATS provide extra thermal insulation, thus diverting energy to growth and reducing cortisol/stress and so preventing disease:

Calf coat or blanket for dairy or beef calves. Nylon outer with quilted insulated lining. Machine washable.

Velcro strap under neck and two adjustable leg straps.

Smaller "Small Holstein" or "Jersey" size- 

21" along back (54cm) withers to tail. plus the bit to go under the neck, which is 8" long, excluding the velcro strap.

28" / 70cm girth.

A good "Calf Note" on calves and factors affecting their thermal comfort


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