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DIARID Paste For Calves

DIARID Paste For Calves

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: Diarid Paste 60ml Syringe for Calves

(Tax Exempt) £12.00

DIARID Paste contains Charcoal and Kaolin. It works as an absorbent, grabbing and locking up-
excess water, toxins & gases. So it stiffens faeces &helps digestion.

One 60ml "dial a dose" syringe will give one calf 10ml, twice a day for 3 days.

FARM ANIMAL Leaflet / Datasheet:

Diarid Paste is a 100% natural product.

The paste is composed of a mixture of natural kaolin and carbon.

Diarid paste is very effective at managing faecal consistency. Also, it provides an additional source of mineral compounds.

What Diarid does:-

  • Absorbs toxins
  • Forms a protective layer on the surface of the intestines
  • Absorbs excess water in the stool
  • Absorbs gasses in the bowel

How to use Diarid Paste:- Remove cap, Dial the locking wheel to the desired amount, Administer into your animals mouth by pressing the plunger. Replace the cap. Follow any Veterinary advice you have been given.

Side effects: None.

Interactions with other supplements or medications: No interactions with other dietary supplements or medications are known. If your animal is given medication, mention this paste to your Vet.

Stopping use of Diarid: You can stop the use of DIARID Paste once the faeces of your animal recovers visibly or anytime you want to, without negative side effects for your animal. If your animal

 is unwell, deteriorates or does not improve in 24 hours, you must seek Veterinary advice.

Packaging: 15ml or 60ml tube.

Feeding Rate:                       (2 x daily)                                               Calves                                     10 ml.

                                               Cows                                        60 ml.

                                                                                                                Lambs/Kids                           5 ml.

                                                                        Sheep/Goats                       15 ml.

                                                                                                                Piglets                                    2 ml.

Composition: % of DM: Aluminosilicate Clay 67%, Carbon, 30%, Iron 1%. 30-40% DM.

Shelf life: Save cool, away from sunlight.


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