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Don't Waste Money On The Wrong Minerals

Published 18th February 2016 | Article by Megan Thomas

Don't Waste Money On The Wrong Minerals

It is important to make sure that you are spending on the right minerals and that they are tailor-made to your animals and your farm.

Also it is important that the minerals and other supplements are fed accurately.

To help you with this we can offer you a Free Mineral Audit and also our “One-Bag System”

One-Bag System

What we often see is that a pallet of ‘whatever product’ gets used in six weeks rather than four weeks.
This is due to the wrong amount being put in every day, or not put in at all on some days.
To solve this, or make it easier to spot, we can mix more than just minerals into one mix. So it is easier to monitor the usage off one pallet.
There is a varied menu, but the general ingredients that can be included are;-
·         Mineral & vitamins
·         Fats
·         Buffers
·         Yeast
·         Proteins
·         Mycotoxin Binder

Mineral Audit 

The audit includes:-
·       A farm visit to discuss your needs and take samples
·       Forage mineral analysis
·       Bulk milk mineral analysis, to pinpoint any possible deficiencies/toxicities
·       Water mineral analysis
·       Full report completed with recommendations​

The starting point for this is the Free Mineral Audit, so please Call us on 01772 691519