PRESS RELEASE on Acoustic Pulse Therapy and its application in mastitis.

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February 07, 2024





At the DairyTech event, a system of applying sound waves to cow’s udders was presented by Lancashire-based G Shepherd Animal Health.

A “gun-like” device was demonstrated, that transmits sound waves into the udder to improve blood flow & immune response. The purpose being to manage mastitis, SCC & improve milk production.


“The application of Acoustic Pulse Technology (APT)  is gaining ground abroad in the USA, Israel and other countries” says Dr Shepherd. “There is good evidence for its effectiveness. Trial results were presented a AABP in 2019.   Trials were conducted on 262 cows identified with clinical or subclinical mastitis and showed >70% success in curing the infected quarter. Significant milk yield increase, reduction in SCC as well as bacterial elimination was shown, with an 80% reduction in culling rate of clinically infected cows in the APT group compared to the control group. 

When compared with antibiotic treatment, research showed a 77% success rate with APT compared with only 19 % success with antibiotic treatment.



G Shepherd Animal Health quote the key benefits of the APT system and its application to clinical & subclinical mastitis:

1. potential significant reduction in the use of antibiotics;

2. significant reduced milk discarding during treatment;

3. can be used to manage subclinical mastitis during lactation;

4. improve milk quantity and quality during the lactation, probably due to the increased healing process of the damaged tissues

5. decrease culling of subclinical mastitis cows due to low milk production and low milk quality.


Vet Graham Shepherd, who founded the company in 2008, has been instrumental in introducing new technologies before, being the first to have a practical system of pasteurising colostrum & calf milk. This has had a great impact on control of endemic cattle diseases including Johnes disease, Mycoplasma & T.B.




Photographs available by email- [email protected]

For more information contact:

Dr Graham Shepherd, G Shepherd Animal Health,

07778 191964 [email protected]



Graham Shepherd CEO,






Acoustic Pulse Technology in use on a cow’s udder

















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