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Kryptic Pack - calf digestive health & reducing antibiotics

Published 12th August 2016 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Kryptic Pack - calf digestive health & reducing antibiotics


Designed to reduce antibiotic use in calves by

  • increasing the calf’s resistance,
  • improving digestion  and
  • reducing disease challenge

The AIM is to rear healthy calves, without a setback that grow into better cattle.

Scours are the main cause of calf death in the UK. Causes can be nutritional, from what is fed, how it is fed and in what quantity.

A recipe to create nutritional scour would be: take a cheap calf milk replacer designed for older veal calves, feed it from troughs on the floor in large quantities, in varying quantities, at varying temperatures at varying times of the day. So, please look whether you may be committing any of these deadly sins!

Diarrhoea is also cause by infection by viruses (such as Rotavirus & Coronavirus), Cryptosporidium, Coccidiosis and bacteria (such as certain E.coli and Salmonella.

Kryptic Pack is a combination of three products, sold together:-

  • Perfect Udder Colostrum Management System – Measure quality and give plenty of colostrum hygienically
  • Kryptic Pro – add to the milk for 14 days to improve milk clotting, improve digestion and so promote disease resistance
  • TK Swordsman Disinfectant – use to disinfect feeding equipment after each feed. It is also vital to disinfect all pens , walls etc. between calves

There is a 10% discount and a free colostrometer with each order. Please telephone us for this offer.

When purchased together as a pack the price works out from £11 per calf.

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