About Us

What we do...

On starting business in 2008, G Shepherd Animal Health led the UK dairy industry into uncharted territory, and brought the industry-leading Dairy Tech range of milk and colostrum pasteurisers to the UK market. The aim of this was to introduce a new way to control Johnes disease in the UK dairy herd. Johnes was on the rise after many cattle moved locations after the Foot & Mouth Disease outbreaks of 2000 and 2007.

Since then, the UK dairy industry has woken to the severity of Johnes disease. The use of pasteurisation of both milk and colostrum has become recognized and established as best practice in breaking the risk of disease transmission from one generation to the next, throughout the calf rearing period.

As animal health understanding continues to evolve, so does our business. Graham’s current focus within the business is in the innovation and development of the G Shepherd Animal Health portfolio of products, including the industry leading range of First Thirst colostrum supplements and electrolyte therapies. Our innovation will drive ongoing success and we will build on the success of our own calf health products to drive further innovation.

Who We Are

Dr Graham Shepherd MRCVS, a dairy farmer’s son, and vet, started G Shepherd Animal Health in 2008, with the focussed desire of pioneering the control and eradication of Johnes disease on UK cattle farms.

Before diverting from general practice in 2008, Graham had built up a reputation as one of the UK’s leading bovine veterinarians.

Graham’s ambition to learn and deliver correct educated advice to his customers led him to travel North America to study the methods employed by North American Veterinarians in their fight against this profit diminishing & cruel disease.

For those of you who don’t know Graham very well he is extremely no-nonsense in his attitude, with forthright views on how the veterinary and animal health supply industry’s obligation should have a primary focus on what is best for the health and welfare of the animal, which in turn improves the farmers well being as well!

The year-on-year growth achieved within the business has allowed the business to expand, and to develop our own range of products.  To build on these solid foundations the company has been further strengthened with the arrival of new members of staff both in sales and support roles.

We’re a close-knit team, determined to do the best for our customers, and their animals. We continue to improve both the retail and wholesale platforms for our innovative range of animal health and nutritional product lines, all developed firmly upon our company’s foundation of  Advice, Quality & Value.

Any information given is regarding the use of products sold by the Supplier and is not veterinary advice. Veterinary advice must be sought from the Veterinary Surgeon who has the Customers animal under their care.

We have added DAIRY ENGINEERING to our services, run by Chris Shepherd, under the "Shepherd Dairy Services" banner. 

Being truly independant and not dictated to by any manufacturer (been there!) we provide what is best for your farm, from a full parlour or bulk tank, to individual spare parts.

We manufacture a good portion of our animal health goods ourselves and try to get as much as possible from the UK.

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