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Welcome to G Shepherd Animal Health

Welcome to G Shepherd Animal Health! We provide products and quality advice for the health and wellbeing of your stock. We're experts in healthcare for calves, cattle and sheep, and you'll find we stock everything you need to ensure your animals' wellbeing. Call us and we'll be happy to help!

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Colostrum & Calf Milk Pasteurisation

We have brought to the UK and Ireland the technology to batch pasteurise colostrum and waste milk on your own farm. The machines have been tried and tested in the USA over the last ten years and it has proved to be a potent tool to improve herd health. Use it!

Pasteurisation Machines

We provide a range of pasteurisation machines that kill target pathogens including Mycobacterium avium subsp.paratuberculosis. These machines help to control Johnes, TB and to generally improve calf health. One Dorset farmer reports no scours in the seventy calves he has so far reared on pasteurised waste milk.

The above image shows Graham and Chris Shepherd receiving The RABDF Livestock Event, Livestock & Equipment Award 2013 with the MilkWorks Gold Colostrum Pasteuriser.

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SHEPHERD AGRI is made up of two enterprises. G Shepherd Animal Health & Shepherd Dairy Services.

The END GOAL is to maintain and improve farm productivity and animal wellbeing, resulting in more nutritious human food being produced. 

G Shepherd Animal Health - 01772 690131 , who manufacture aand supply nutritional supplements and infection control products to farms

Shepherd Dairy Services - 01772 972150 , who install and service milking, milk cooling and other farm equipment.

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