Ovi-POWER BESPOKE Trace Element Drenches

Ovi-POWER BESPOKE Trace Element Drenches

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It's pointless buying things that you do not need! Agreed?

This applies to minerals and vitamins especially.  As production moves away from purchased feeds and more to your own produced feeds, there is a good chance that a deficiency could be encountered.

Do you know what your animals are lacking? If they lack one element , that could be slowing down their growth or reducing their fertility.

If they are not lacking something, it is costly and pointless to over supplement it. We may still recommend giving some of it though to help balance things.

Firstly, send us any sample results you have- soil, forage, blood or tissue results. We can also arrange some new testing, at cost, from an independent lab.

To get the ball rolling, use the enquiry form to send us your details and we will be in touch.

Stuart Goldie, Thirsk, N.Yorks 15/07/2022

I have used a bespoke mineral liquid from G Shepherd Animal Health for a number of years with good results. Using supplements that are tailored to your sheep’s needs has to be the right approach, rather than picking something off the shelf.

Paul Sanderson, Dumfries & Galloway 15/07/2022

Regular drenching our lambs with your Hi-Cobalt & Vitamin B12 drench was successful in getting our lambs to perform. Drenching every three weeks is needed though as we all suspected.

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