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"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags
"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags
"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags
"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags
"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags
"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags "Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags "Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags "Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags "Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags

"Perfect Udder" Colostrum Bags

Brand: Dairytech Inc.
Product Code: bags + teats + tubes

£36.00 inc VAT £30.00 ex VAT

The Perfect Udder Colostrum Management Kit is the solution for handling colostrum from harvest to feeding without the fear of recontamination, while also allowing the colostrum to be pasteurized, refrigerated, frozen, reheated and fed. FREE MAINLAND DELIVERY

Available Options

All sizes in stock


Two "Clearance" Job Lots available-

"Job Lot 1" - sold

"Job Lot 2"- 12 x 4 L, 28 x 2 L , 1 deluxe long tube, 3 teats,  3 mixed tubes. Job lots may contain some of the older style non-dough nut bags.

Perfect Udder Colostrum Bags
Providing sufficient early colostrum is well-known as a vital part of getting calves off to the best start and then keeping them as free as possible from disease.

An important to know weakness of colostrum is that stored colostrum doesn’t protect itself from invasion by colonies of harmful bacteria.

Despite stringent care bacteria will always make it into collected colostrum as a result of environmental contamination. Refrigeration will slow their development but pasteurisation is needed to make the colostrum as safe as possible.

The FILLER KIT is a metal bracket for a shelf or table that grips the bag neck and hold the funnel, a funnel and a jug.

Benefit of pasteurisation

The benefit of pasteurisation is being able to have safe colostrum whenever needed.

Colostrum pasteurisation is a well-studied science and the temperature of treatment is everything.

The danger mark is 60C. If the colostrum exceeds 60C, either when initially pasteurising or when defrosting frozen colostrum, the protective benefits of the immunoglobulins vanish when heat causes the proteins to permanently unravel.

Perfect Udder Bags

Perfect Udder Bags provide the perfect solution for managing colostrum at all stages from collection to feeding. The bag technology is patented with Perfect Udder bags successfully being used as the colostrum systems of choice on dairy farms around the world.

Bags are available in 2, 3 and 4 litre sizes for different breeds and allow colostrum to be pasteurised, refrigerated, frozen, unfrozen and fed with a minimum of fuss and importantly keeping the colostrum safe from bacterial contamination and transmission of the bacteria to the vulnerable gut of the newborn calf.

The bags are supplied with both feeding teats and feeding tubes for calves reluctant to suck from a teat. A useful filler kit is available to select separately when ordering.

Perfect Udder Colostrum Bags are available in 10 or 50 pack sizes and in 2, 3 or 4 litre capacities through farm health distributors, contact us on 01772 690131 for your nearest stockist.

G Shepherd Animal Health also delivers direct to farmers. Free next-day on-farm delivery is available either using the 24-hour online form or by calling us on 01772 690131.


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