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A colostrometer measures colostrum strength to keep calves healthy.

A simple way to measure the antibody level of colostrum. Simple red-amber-green system. An example of how it is used in the USA:-

Nipple color indicates type of colostrum
By Dairy Herd staff  |  5/1/2007

At Galeton dairy, Galeton, Xolo., all calves receive colostrum  — even bulls.

All colostrum is tested with a colostrometer. If it scores green, it is pasteurized and then stored in the refrigerator in bottles ready to feed. Cow colostrum, which is reserved for heifer calves, is stored in bottles with a red nipple. Colostrum from first-calf-heifers is fed to bulls and stored in bottles with a black nipple. This way, employees know at a glance which bottle of colostrum to feed to a newborn. And if they have more than one newborn to feed, the bottles don’t get mixed up on the way to the newborn area.

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