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TK GOLDdust Bedding Powder

TK GOLDdust Bedding Powder

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: TKGD1

£525.60 inc VAT £438.00 ex VAT

Drying Bedding Powder Containing a DEFRA Approved disinfectant.

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Drying Bedding Powder containing a DEFRA Approved disinfectant;

  • Improves general hygiene of cubicles and farrowing, calf, poultry & lambing pens
  • Reduces the viral and bacterial populations
  • Contains specific minerals and fibres for their drying actions
  • Contains DEFRA approved disinfectant that is activated by moisture.  The disinfectant contains peroxygen compounds, surfactants, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system.
  • Cow Cubicles use at 70g per cubicle "udder region" daily or 140g every other day. Calculate 500g/cow/week
  • Calving boxes, Farrowing & Pig areas, Calf pen, Lambing pens, under Poultry Litter- 100g/ sqm/every day
  • Free samples available - please call

Available in 25kg sacks on half and full tonne pallets.

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