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First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK (30 drinks)
First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK (30 drinks)
First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK (30 drinks) First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK (30 drinks)

First Thirst FRESH COW DRINK (30 drinks)

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: FTFCD30

(Tax Exempt) £126.00

A palatable Fresh Cow Drink, providing Calcium, Energy and Electrolytes, giving your cow a good start to a great lactation.

Generous milk production is triggered in the cow at calving, creating a risk of a shortfall between the ability of the cow to mobilise her reserves of calcium and the amount of calcium being drawn from the bloodstream by the newly lactating udder.

The result is the well-known condition commonly called milk fever or hypocalcaemia. Within hours and unseen a normal blood calcium level can fall to half the level require for the normal functioning of the body and if left untreated this can be fatal.  

Somewhat less well-known but more common is the condition termed sub-clinical hypocalcaemia.

It’s called ‘sub-clinical’ because no obvious symptoms are seen, yet studies have estimated that around 50% of dairy cows can be affected each year.

Sub-clinical levels of lowered blood calcium in the 24 hours after calving increase the risk a wide range of conditions including the placenta being retained, metritis, a displaced abomasum, ketosis, and mastitis

First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink has vanilla and citrus flavours for palatability and each sachet dissolves rapidly in 20 litres of water which each newly calved cow should drink immediately after calving.  View YouTube video   

This gives your cows the following benefits:-

  • First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink delivers 63 grams of calcium to the newly calved cow.
  • The calcium in First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink is in four different forms to provide fast and intermediate speeds of availability to help the cow through the post-calving hours when the need for supplementary calcium is greatest.
  • Additional to the 63g of calcium, electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and the fast energy sources of glucose, lactate, lactose and propionate are included in First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink to help the cow’s metabolism immediately post-calving.
  • Drinking 20 litres of water (weighing 20kg) immediately after calving re-fills and re-ballasts the rumen, helping to avoid developing a displaced abomasum.  

First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink is available in 30-drink packs through farm health distributors, contact us on 01772 690131 for your nearest stockist.

G Shepherd Animal Health also delivers direct to farmers. Free next-day on-farm delivery is available either using the 24-hour online form or by calling us on 01772 690131.

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