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Thrifty Dipper150
Thrifty Dipper150
Thrifty Dipper150 Thrifty Dipper150

Thrifty Dipper150

Product Code: Eco-Dipper

£59.40 inc VAT £49.50 ex VAT

The Thrifty Dipper Brush system saves on teat dip.

The Thrifty Dipper is the up-dated Eco-dipper.

500ml of dip will treat 150 cows!

Yes £1 worth of dip does 300 cows!!!!

The dip goes up veins to the brush, so the teats are BRUSHED more than dipped.

The ECO-Dipper™ offers optimum teat coverage but with vastly reduced chemical consumption.

Award winning features

Satisfied Customers

"By using ECO-Dipper™, we have cut our dip expense to 1/3! We are very pleased with the dip coverage of these dip cups."
Siemers Holsteins - Newton, Wisconsin

ECO-Dipper™ is a trademark of MAI / Genesis Industries Inc
Patent Pending

  • Uses 1/3 of the chemical of a normal dip cup
  • Special feather brushes gently wipes away excess chemical
  • Different coloured brushes for pre and post-dip
  • Long lasting - replaceable brushes
  • Easily cleaned and serviced
  • Non return chemical action
  • Easy squeeze, stable bottle
  • Lightweight, tough polypropylene construction
  • Based on original US patent that set the industry standard
  • Adward winning equipment 2010- follow the link:

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