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Paul Sanderson, Dumfries & Galloway on 15/07/2022
Regular drenching our lambs with your Hi-Cobalt & Vitamin B12 drench was successful in getting our lambs to perform. Drenching every three weeks is needed though as we all suspected.
Stuart Goldie, Thirsk, N.Yorks on 15/07/2022
I have used a bespoke mineral liquid from G Shepherd Animal Health for a number of years with good results. Using supplements that are tailored to your sheep’s needs has to be the right approach, rather than picking something off the shelf.
Geraint Jones, Blaeneifed, Wales on 06/07/2022
The cows that received the Maycillin Boluses, SCC have reduced and stayed down - they worked well ! Quite happy
Mr M Sales on 13/06/2022
This is the best thing we buy on this farm!
Andy Nicholls on 13/06/2022
Highly recommended best foot spray I have ever used you won't be disappointed
Elizabeth Silverthorne on 19/05/2022
With poorly calves Life Guard is an essential aid to their recovery. It is an excellent product and it gives us peace of mind. Shepherd Agri (G Shepherd Animal Health) provides an efficient service, with extremely helpful staff and I do and will recommend them to anyone in the farming community. We are very grateful for their service.
M. Parris on 16/05/2022
It does the job very well
G Shepherd comment on 16/05/2022
Although good colostrum feeding and hygiene practices are important for successful calf rearing, experience on UK farms shows that natural feed ingredients promote good early life calf health and performance. Healthy calves perform best for the rest of their lives.
D Farmer, Cheshire on 04/05/2022
During batch calving we had severe scours in the calves. Mixing Kryptic Pro into the milk did a good job. We did not lose a calf and the whole batch are now back on track.
Neil Marshall, South Scotland on 28/04/2022
The PumpaCOW arrived this evening and was used straight away on a toxic cow. The pumping fluid makes such a difference to the outcome for the cow, probably more than any drug does
C Best on 28/04/2022
I am really impressed by the way your Life Guard perked the calves up.
Michael Tomlinson on 28/04/2022
I'd previously bought lamb colostrum from another supplier. I've found yours to be way better than the other one.
Emma Barraclough on 22/04/2022
We have used G Shepherd's First Thirst colostrum supplement for over a year now. By first testing the colostrum with a refractometer and then supplementing as required we are confident that we are giving our calves the best start possible.
Donna Bowe on 22/04/2022
We are currently using RehydroGel on calves displaying first signs of scour, administered in half its normal milk feed (alongside a jab of prescribed antibiotic), seems to be working for us.
Gerald Watkin on 22/04/2022
The Dairytech MilkWorks colostrum Pasteuriser is the best investment we have ever made. We have had grumbling calf problems for years- pneumonia, scours etc. We have gone from 6-7% mortality and using a lot of antibiotics down to zero loses and only having injected two calves all year. This is solely down to giving the calf pasteurised colostrum and early separation from the maternity pen. It has made a huge difference! My only regret is not buying one five years ago!
Anthony Gothard on 22/04/2022
Very happy with the FreshCalc Boluses as they are preventing Milk Fever and we believe the cows are transitioning better.
Rob Armer on 22/04/2022
We have been using Life - Guard Electrolytes to treat scouring calves for a number of years. We have found it works very well to stabilise the calf guts during episodes of diarrhoea up until the point they are well enough to return to a milk powder formulation
Jo Fell on 22/04/2022
“When we have used Lifeguard sachets we have found them to be fast acting and palatable for the calves"
J Stackhouse on 22/04/2022
“We have been using Kryptic Pro for around 3 years now and we haven’t look back! By adding it to the milk powder for the first 2 to 3 weeks, you prevent scouring rather than having to react to it with drugs or other products. It doesn’t totally eradicate cases of scours but there are a lot less and it lessens more serious cases.”
John Armstrong, Ledbury, Herefordshire on 14/04/2022
"They worked a treat!"
Andrew at Pearn Wyatt & Sons on 24/03/2022
"Our cows enjoy First Thirst Fresh Cow Drink, it works well," says Andrew, manager for Pearn Wyatt & Son's herd of 260 mixed Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn and Holstein cows.
Andrew, Pearn Wyatt & Son on 16/12/2021
Please find attached a copy of our cows enjoying FirstThirst. This works well with our cows, also we use Bovipower and your colostrum booster.
D Heath, via Facebook on 30/11/2021
"the foot product worked a treat Thanks Dave"
ANichols, via Facebook on 16/06/2021
AN- Great product that works can't praise it enough thanks Graham. GS- What were you using it on? Scald in lambs? AN- Yes clears up almost straight away
Andrew Bebb on 14/04/2021
Pasteuriser working well. can not remember when i last saw a calf scouring. I've had comments from everyone who has visited the farm including our farm assurance inspector who have all said how well the calves look
John, Pig Farmer. Central England on 26/06/2020
After trying a number of different drying disinfectant powders I decided to use the TK GOLD DUST as it worked better than most of the alternatives I tried and also worked out cheaper. The farrowing pens are slatted - TK GD is used behind the sow whilst farrowing to help keep the farrowing area clean and dry it up. It's main use is for the solid heat mats for the piglets to keep them both clean and dry - helps to dry up the navels as well as reducing bacterial transmission between piglets . This is generally applied at or just before farrowing and repeated after 24 hours and also reapplied should there be a touch of scour.
Anon. Pig Farmer, England on 26/06/2020
“TK GOLD DUST is is an excellent product for disinfecting the farrowing house prior to the sows entering. It is a partially slatted building and due to TK GD being quite fine in texture it coats the slats very well (although a little obviously goes through the slats) providing a clean area for the piglets to be born. We find it to be an excellent drying agent for the solid areas where the piglets move around and rest - the first few hours after birth is critical to reduce infection entering via the umbilical cord with the area needing to be as sterile as possible. We use in the farrowing house where the piglets stay for 4 weeks post birth.”
Rebecca Louise Kelsall on 11/07/2019
I work on an antibiotic-free dairy farm and use TK Double D gel spray on cows feet when needed. Honestly it works wonders ☺️
David Hyslop on 15/05/2019
Great service from @ironfarmer86 and @GShepherdAH the new milking machine is earning it's keep already. #teamdairy — david hyslop (@farmerhizzi) December 10, 2015
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Anna Beorby on 14/05/2019
To double d gel & the dairy version are brilliant. I have used on cows & sheep. Even the penny pincher is happy & ordered a bottle
Chris Spence on 12/03/2019
It's good stuff. Our calves have been much better. we had one set back, but its because it wasn't getting used correctly.
G Harrington on 12/03/2019
We are really pleased with your calf colostrum powder as it does the calves good and it is also easier to mix than the previous one we bought. We are impressed.
Sara Speroni on 21/11/2018
My name is Sara Speroni and I work for 10 years in the dairy cattle breeding department of the University of Bologna Veterinary Medicine. I knew the 2CINOX Company 8 years ago when we bought from them an 80 liter pasteurizer; since then we use it twice a day and I am very satisfied because the machine works very well and the use of fresh milk has given us in the growth of calves excellent results
Jane & Josie Lewis, Mile Elm on 12/10/2018
We like using your products because they work. We use your DIARID BOLUSES on our calves. We use them straight away and find this reduces the need for tube feeding calves and Antibiotic use.
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Caroline Hinks, 500 ewes, Dorset on 12/10/2018
Your TK Double D Gel is excellent on our sheep's feet with scald and foot rot
Sam McMullen, N.I. on 29/08/2018
Your Fresh Cow Drink is very good. I have not had any displacements since starting on it. The cows drink it well if they have just calved.
Thomas on 29/08/2018
No milk fiver cases since using the FreshCalc Calcium D3 Boluses.
Mr S Radley . Devon England. on 06/11/2017
Several months ago we started to look for a pastueriser as we were setting up a small goat milking business. We came across Duecinox and made contact with them. From the initial contact through to this day we have found them extremely helpful and the machine is great. Hopefully it wont be long too before we order a larger pastueriser from Duecinox. Thank you for your continued support. Mr S Radley . Devon England.
Bridget Whell on 11/08/2017
Made our feeding routine and efficiency far greater as can use excess milk easier and store it. I put it in a churn of milk and leave - even heats a barrel of 200 l. Need to scrub after each batch of milk (particularly if colostrum) due to milk protein residue preventing efficient heating but the non-stick surface and warm acid water makes it easy. Big vulnerability is the completely inadequate domestic plug and relatively short wire - in an environment where water is used all the time, buckets of water and milk appear to attract the plug which is easily flipped in. The plug is not only not waterproof but not robust enough to protect the PCB board so have to completely dry it out before dare even try to use it. Comes with experience when a new board required at some point every year! Don't use ot to thaw (little need) but put in a bucket of water and bottle of milk and nit will hold a temperature for when you are ready.
Lindsay Hodgson, York on 11/08/2017
Hi Graham, yes we use the TK for cleaning all the calf feeding stations twice a day plus cleaning the calf feeding machine. It is also used for washing all the buckets and teats and anything else that needs soaking or sanitising. We also use it for washing down the individual pens which the calves are in for 5 days before they go on collars. I think it's great stuff because it shifts muck and I don't have to rinse the stations afterwards so hoping its sanitising feeding stations for a bit longer. I use it with almost boiling hot water and it's pretty invincible! We are getting busier as the herd numbers expand so I'll be needing to increase the amount I use. Don't stop making it without telling me! Regards Lindsey
Jon Cook on 22/06/2016
Received the mobile milker today. It is very sturdy and well built. The motor and pulsator are very quiet. Looking forward to the next calving to try it out.
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i T Richardson on 18/03/2016
Ovi-Power drench has worked well in our Texel cross ewes. litter size is very good. If you don't have lambs at the start, you can't have them at the end!
Mr Wheeler on 18/02/2016
We've used N-Fix Slurry Booster in our slurry system including some slatted pits.We've not experienced any problems below the slats and grass has grown really well after being spread with the slurry. Continuing to use this product.
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Graham Robson, Lancashire on 17/02/2016
Graham describes GSAH Feed Passage Coating as “as hard as nails.” He says the surface has remained undamaged, despite driving over it daily with a feeder wagon. “I like to provide my cows with the best possible environment, in order to maximise yields. Making the surface more comfortable and cleaner for them to eat from was part of that process. “There is no real need to power wash it, as the cows lick it clean themselves. I like GSAH Feed Passage Coating and it will definitely be part of any new building that is put up on the farm; it has done a good job.”
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K Cole, Devon on 25/09/2015
'Its one of the best things we've done, brilliant!'
K Cole, Devon on 25/09/2015
'We love the calf jackets'
Conor Casey, Co Antrim on 25/09/2015
'DT10 Pasteuriser is a great machine'
R Burrow, Lancashire on 25/09/2015
"We calve a lot of heifers and have had a fair bit of scours. It's good stuff as a supplement and cut our scours by 80%"
Tracey Ardern, Derbyshire on 04/09/2015
Hi, just to let you know I'm getting on great with the pasteuriser. I don't know how I managed without it.
Ian Richardson, Lancashire on 20/08/2015
We use TK Sheep footbath. The sheep had scald, some with maggots. We couldn't stand them afterwards as advised. They just ran through the bath and back onto grass. We repeated it after a couple of days. We were impressed with the results. The maggots were killed.
J Quine, Isle of Man on 05/05/2015
"I thought that our scanning percentage could be improved, so I tried Ovi-Power mineral 7 vitamin drench from G Shepherd Animal Health. I am very happy with the results as our Suffolks & Leicesters now scan at over 200%
D Smith, Cumbria on 09/04/2015
Ive been using it for a few months now and find it does the same job as formalin without the health problems. We use it daily and find we dont get over hard , cracked hooves anymore.
D Swale, Lancashire on 26/03/2015
We have been looking for a product to use in our daily foot bath routine that works equally well for both the staff who have to administer it and the cows it has to treat, "TK Everyday" works well as part of our routine.
Mr Foot on 19/03/2015
Since using the Perfect Udder bags this calving system we have seen improved calf health. This is backed-up my our weekly blood sample results. Calf immunoglobulin levels are much improved since we adopted the Perfect Udder System. As we are very busy, we just grab a bag, warm it and feed it through the attached tube.
M Thomas, Yorkshire on 24/02/2015
Great product been using it for a few years now on my calves. I've not had to use any other products after first treatment. 9/10 cases of scours were not repeated after first treatment. Its easy to feed 20ml per 1 litre of milk ideally over water, for 4 feeds. fast acting rehydration for calves. I would highly recommend this product to all calf rearers as a first choice product for the treatment of calf scour!
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Gerald Watkin, Ceredigion on 31/12/2013
The Colostrometer is working well, We are getting on very well with it combined with the First Thirst Colostrum Powder Supplement. We have found that about 50% of cows produce weak colostrum. We fortify this with your powder. The calves have benefited and are doing well.
Gerald Watkin, Ceredigion on 31/12/2013
The Colostrometer is working well, We are getting on very well with it combined with the First Thirst Colostrum Powder Supplement. We have found that about 50% of cows produce weak colostrum. We fortify this with your powder. The calves have benefited and are doing well.
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NJ and KM Summerfield on 28/09/2013
We have been using various makes of dried lamb colostrum over the years and found a surprising inconsistency with the results, some with dire outcomes. This is the first year we have tried ‘First Thirst Super Lamb Colostrum’ and we have been thrilled with the results. We have had a couple of occasions of where ewes have lambed with no milk on them for a couple of hours, or when the lambs were a little weak. When you know you only have a few hours to get things right it’s imperative to get a quality feed into them as soon as possible. You only get one chance to get it right. The lambs that we have fed with the new colostrum have done fantastically well. We whole heartedly recommend this product as a success and we will definitely buy more for the next lambing season. Summerfields Border Leicesters.
John Carr Snr on 02/05/2013
"The Colostrum Thawer has greatly improved my colostrum management. I used to get very frustrated spending hours defrosting plastic bottles in the kitchen sink. The boiling water was doing the antibody quality no good and I was wasting precious time. We now get the Perfect Udder from the freezer, place it in a bucket of warm water, switch on the thermostat on the thawer and in around 25 minutes the colostrum is thawed thoroughly. This tool has allowed me to give my calves the best start in life and yet save time."
Graham Shepherd, Lancs on 09/02/2013
It mixes well, considering it is pure dried colostrum with all the fat. It is high antibody and energy.
Michael Parker on 09/02/2013
A good mixing colostrum, easy to tube feed. All lambs did well. Used for topping up triplets mainly.
Tracey Martin on 28/01/2013
Bought for calves in hutches in multiples, not singles both breeds Ayrshire's and Holstein. Graham was very helpful. Nice warm calves.
Mrs J Jones, Shropshire on 28/01/2013
Many thanks for dispatching my order so quickly. The jackets arrived next day and were needed straight away due to the weather. I now have 12 calves with your jackets on, and they all look nice and warm in them. Many Thanks
A Robson - Mini pedigree Miniature Herefords on 04/01/2013
Just used First Thirst IBR elite in Perfect Udder on a newborn miniature Hereford heifer calf. The calves dam was a 1st calf heifer, she calved in the night and we wanted to feed the calf to give us the peace of mind that she'd drunk ample colostrum within the recommended first six hours of life. We fed the calf using the teat provided, the pure colostrum powder mixed thoroughly within the warm water and was very easy to feed within the perfect udder bag. An excellent quality product, very easy to use with the comfort of knowing we'd done everything possible for our valuable miniature Hereford heifer calf.
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David & Austin Perry, Killane Pedigree Holsteins on 04/01/2013
We're a pedigree herd now using genomics and selling heifers and young bulls. We started vaccinating for IBR last year so using First Thirst IBR elite gives us the added protection we need. The calves have done really well on it but it also means that any bulls that we may sell to go into AI or any stock for export will not have their high health status jeopardised. First Thirst IBR elite is giving us a very high quality colostrum but also the guarantee that the health status of calves isn't undermined and any potential sale value lost, especially at a time when we're embracing genomics to widen our market opportunities.
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John Cook, Wiltshire on 26/11/2012
Dear Graham, I'm a great believer in prevention rather than cure. Historically we have a high instance of milk fever (and all the annoying knock on effects - mainly short term down cows and RFM) but since using the Fresh Cow Drink immediately after calving it has all but disappeared. It's a great relief to know that the cow has had a good quantity of calcium (together with all the other bits) at this time of great stress - especially late in the evening when it might be a few hours before she will be looked at again. I have not had any down cows, retained cleansings or LDAs since I started using the product. I've only had one cow refuse to voluntarily drink and I think that was my fault for NOT offering it immediately after calving, the rest seem to relish every drop. Some of the larger cows have two sachets and I'm happy to give it to them. I've even had to fight some of the other dry cows off...they can smell it from a distance and all want some.
Mr. Roston, Cheshire on 10/05/2012
We've used a fair bit of Sanofoam and found it outperforms our previous product
james bargh on 03/05/2012
Easy to fit coats,used on newborn calves in cool weather did the job well
JOHN COOK on 27/04/2012
James Goodwin,Stafford UK on 17/04/2012
Our calves have never done so well. We wish he had bought a pasteuriser years ago!
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A Hull, Lancashire on 12/04/2012
Ice Mint really is good at taking swelling out of heifers udders.
D Stuart on 27/02/2012
this Colostrum powder has revolutionised my calf management. I also use the Colostrometer, and use the powder to strengthen weak colostrum.
John Blaney on 21/11/2011
A supper coat. Currently using them for ram lambs. Great success
Bridget Whell on 08/08/2011
Fabulous product! Probably no better at rehydration than any other but with the big advantage that you can feed in milk (or water) or drench separately if one calf in a big group. It has been exellent at getting us through cases of Crypto that require rehydration over long periods and allows decisions to be made on feeding to be made then and there. We have found that rather than drench neat (some calves then stop drinking, which can be a probelm with batch feeding, or find it uncomfortable after feeding - sticky around the mouth) it is better to mix in small amounts of milk that will not cause over feeding or look for a way to drench direct into the back of the mouth.
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