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Antimicrobial use and resistance: UK sheep industry perspective

Published 1st August 2019 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Antimicrobial use and resistance:  UK sheep industry perspective

Antimicrobial use and resistance: A UK sheep industry perspective-

have a look in "Sheep farmer, pg 40, Aug/Sept 19. What I note from this:-

  • While UK sheep use only 1% of the total antimicrobials used in food-producing animals, it is still 2.8 tonnes of active ingredient per year.
  • 65% of sheep antibiotic use is for lameness, which was the highest. Lambing difficulties and prolapses were second.
  • Oxytetracycline is the most prescribed antibiotic (63%). Penicillins were second at 26.8%
  • 82% of active ingredient was in injections, so 18% must have been as oral lamb pumps or for FOOTBATHS!

Our TK Double D gel spray is proven to be as effective as Oxytetracine when used as a foot disinfectant. This trial was on live lame sheep.

It is also available as a footbath solution- TK Double D Footbath.

Switching, where appropriate,  from antibiotic sprays and footbaths is one way that antimicrobial use and resistance can be reduced.

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