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Johne's Disease Latest Facts

Published 12th March 2015 | Article by Megan Thomas

Johne's Disease Latest Facts

 A herd with a 30% positive result compared to a herd with a 6% result on average can make a diffrence of 1,356Kg of milk yield per year per cow or for every 100 cows based on an average of 25ppl can see your business losing £33,900 a year, which is a huge loss to your business in the volitile economic climate that we are currently in. 

Test results explained:

Low Risk - under 7% of the herd 

Medium - betweew 7 - 25% of the herd

High - over 25% of the herd 

Refrence for the above: Cow Management - January/Febuary edition 

Graham says that an important part of Johnes control is to reduce infection of the calf or calves by pasteurising colostrum and milk, and blood testing in beef cattle. Johne's Disease is a silent but deadly killer if not controlled in cattle herds. It's best to catch it early through regular testing, & monitoring of your dairy herd.  It is safer to be a closed herd or only buy in from high health status herds. When looking at the latest facts it's very surprising how much money is lost from having Johne's on your farm.

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