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Pumping oral fluids into cows has never been simpler!

Published 24th May 2021 | Article by Graham Shepherd

Pumping oral fluids into cows has never been simpler!

We have mad our "First Thirst - Fresh Cow Drink" for a good few years now. This is specifically for immediately after calving, when the cow will drink it voluntarily.

Over the last year we have developed an all round oral fluids supplement for adult cattle, which is pumped into the rumen as the cow will not drink these salty products themselves:-

PumpaCOW "All Purpose" Oral Fluids for Cows.

PumpaCOW is suitable after calving and in cows that are off food or dehydrated.

PumpaCOW contains, in balanced appropriate amounts- Calcium, Energy, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and electrolytes. "No smoke or mirrors"

Calcium Propionate is the major ingredient due to its high Calcium content and also its high energy level that conntributes directly to the Krebs cycle.

Dextrose also provides energy and an insulin increase that aids in energy deficiency

Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium & Chloride assist in re-hydration and acid-base balance.

How to use PumpaCOW- We provide a jug to measure, rather than sachets. This saves waste and you can re-use the jug and a 30 litre bucket for other purposes

Mix one jug of PumpaCOW powder with 20 L of warm water at 38C and use one of our pump and gag systems to feed the fluids to your cow. 

Price- £5 per feed and comes in a 25 feed pack.

A full range of three pumps, coupled with a gag / drench set makes feeding the fluids as simple as possible.

More information available on the Information Sheet.

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